Pazaak Rules
Sidedeck selection


In the era of the Old Republic, Pazaak was the most popular card game of an enormous number of sentiently creatures.

Pazaak Cantina is a standalone Pazaak game which is based on the minigame in Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. The online version of Pazaak Cantina allows multiplayer games without downloading any software, as it runs directly in the browser. The downloadable versions offer a rich singleplayer experience.

Pazaak Rules

The goal of Pazaak is to have the face up cards total higher than the opponent's cards without exceeding a total of 20.

The main deck consists of cards with values in the range of 1 to 10. There are four cards of every value and therefore the main deck is composed of 40 cards.

The sidedeck holds 10 cards. Every player can create a personal sidedeck (See Sidedeck selection). Four of these cards are randomly chosen when the game starts. These four cards are making up the player's hand cards. The hand cards are available in the entire match. Every hand card can be played only once.

The player who starts is randomly chosen at the beginning of every set. In the network mode of Pazaak Cantina v1, the player who starts is randomly chosen at the beginning of the match and doesn't change when a new set begins.

  1. The first player draws a card from the main deck and plays it to open up the set.
  2. After drawing a card from the main deck, the player might play one of his hand cards.
  3. The player holds or ends the turn.
    Holding means, the player isn't allowed to draw or play any card in the current set. The opponent however is still allowed to draw and play cards.
  4. It's the other player's turn.
  5. This goes on until both players hold or one of the players ends the turn with having a score of more than 20 ('Bust').
    The player who doesn't exceed a total of 20 and has got the highest score wins the set.
    If in one set the scores of the two players are equal, the set isn't counted at all.
  6. The player who wins three sets wins the match.
Special rules:
  • If all 9 card slots are filled with cards and the score is below or equal to 20, the player wins the set.
  • The Tie-Breaker (1T) card. See Sidedeck selection.
You may also want to have a look at the Pazaak Rules section or the Pazaak Strategy section of the KotOR 1 Pazaak Guide. Please note that the information given in the KotOR 1 Pazaak Guide is specific to KotOR 1 and may not be appropriate to Pazaak Cantina. Among other things the guide doesn't mention the golden cards, because they don't exist in KotOR 1.

Sidedeck selection

In the sidedeck selection panel you can see every card that is available to your sidedeck. The figure in the lower right corner specifies the quantity of the card.

The cards have the following characteristics:

+1 bis +6: This card adds its value to the current score.
-1 bis -6: This card subtracts its value from the current score.
1 bis 6: This card adds or subtracts its value to / from the current score.
1T: If a set is tied, the player will win, in case he plays the card as last. Otherwise it acts like a 1 card.
D: This card doubles the value of the last card.
2&4: This card changes the sign (positive or negative) of all cards in the game with the value 2 or 4.
3&6: The same card as 2&4, but it acts on cards with the value 3 or 6.
12: This Pazaak sidecard adds or subtracts selectively one or two to / from the current score.


You can play Pazaak with your friends online or via LAN.
Online games are supported in Pazaak Cantina v2 and Pazaak Cantina Online. Playing over a LAN is supported in Pazaak Cantina v1.

Online games in Pazaak Cantina v2 and Pazaak Cantina Online:

You can play Pazaak as a registered user or as a guest. When playing as a registered user, you can login with your existing Pazaak Cantina account. This is the same account which you use to log in at the Pazaak Cantina website.

As a registered user you can increase your level by winning games with other registered users. Please note that playing games with guests won't affect your statistics or your level.

When you rise to a new level more cards will be available for your sidedeck:
Card: 1 to 6 -1 to -6 D 2&4 3&6 6 5 4 3 2 1 1T 12
Minimum Level: 1 1 2 4 6 8 9 10 11 12 13 15 17

You can also login as a guest. Guests don't have the ability to change their names and they cannot reach higher levels. Therefore the sidedeck of guests is permanently limited to the basic cards. As a guest you can play both with registered users and with other guests.

Multiplayer games via LAN in Pazaak Cantina v1:

While online games are pretty self explanatory, LAN games need a little setup. First of all, a server needs to be hosted by going to the multiplayer menu in Pazaak Cantina v1 and clicking 'Host'. Then, the other player enters the IP address of the host and clicks 'Join'. If you have multiple network interfaces, you can choose the right one in the dropdown field next to the 'Host' button.

If you encounter problems, please check the following:
  • Did both players choose the same port in the options menu?
  • Are there firewalls or virus scanners that block Pazaak Cantina?
  • Did both players choose the right network interface?


In the Highscore mode, you can wager credits. All cards are available for your sidedeck. After you won a match, you can wager your recently earned credits. The more credits you win, the better will be your opponent. Additionally you can re-choose your sidedeck before a new match begins.

The Highscore mode ends, if you have no credits left. You can also leave the highscore mode at the wager dialog or by forfeiting an ongoing match without losing your current highscore. Please note that leaving an ongoing match will count as a lost match in the statistics.

When using Pazaak Cantina v2 with an online account, your highscore will be published on your personal statistics page. You can also compare yourself to Pazaak players by sorting the community by highscore.


In the campaign there are only Pazaak players from KotOR 1 and KotOR 2. These players have exactly the same cards as seen in the original games. However some Pazaak players from KotOR 1 have got cards, which are available in KotOR 2.

The following is specific to the campaign in Pazaak Cantina v2.

You attend tournaments on different planets. It is possible to attend multiple tournaments at a time. Before entering a tournament, you usually have to pay an entry fee. After paying the entry fee, you can play with different opponents. All opponents have a maximum wager. It is however not always wise to wager the maximum, especially in the more advanced tournaments.

For some tournaments, you need to have certain sidedecks:
  • Basic Pazaak Sidedeck: All positive and negative sidedeck cards at least once
  • Standard Pazaak Sidedeck: Every sidedeck card, except the golden cards, at least once
  • Complete Pazaak Sidedeck: Every sidedeck card at least once
You can go to the campaign store and buy cards to add them to your existing sidedeck. Remember not to spend too much money on cards, because you need the money for paying entry fees and wagering in matches. Some cards must be unlocked before they can be bought. How they can be unlocked is described in the campaign store.

When you finish a tournament, you always earn a bronze medal. You may also earn a silver medal, if your ratio of matches won and lost in the current tournament is greater than or equal to 1.0. The gold medal is achieved, if this ratio is greater than or equal to 1.5.

If you have lost too much money by losing matches or by buying cards, you may want to reset the entire campaign. Resetting the campaign won't affect your medals.

The following is specific to the campaign in Pazaak Cantina v1.

To get to the next level, you have to beat your opponent by winning all his credits. With every new level, you play with a harder opponent.

You start with a standard sidedeck consisting of the cards +1 to +6 and -1 to -4. You can upgrade this sidedeck by buying new cards. You should watch your credits when buying cards, so that you have always enough credits for the next match. Some cards can only be bought when reaching a certain level. You can also sell cards, e.g. if you don't have enough credits left for the next match, but you only get 60% of the price. If you have only 10 cards, you can't sell these cards, because you would not be able to start a new match.