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2013-08-14, 15:03
Hi i have problem with game (Windows). I was playing campagain and now i can't login to my account. I see error mesage, when i try: "You cannot login twice with the same account".
Login as guest is ok. I can play on website.
I restart my compuer and redownload game. Still doesn't work.
Help please.
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2013-08-31, 04:02

sorry for the long time it took me to reply, I have been away on vacation.

Your problem rarely happens, when the connection to the server is reset, but the server doesn't get notified of the reset. The server thinks you are still logged in. After 15 min, a timeout (on the server) will occur, and you will be able to login again.

So the solution is to just wait about 15-20 min and try again. As already mentioned, this problem should occur very rarely.
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