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2012-12-08, 13:31

i didn't read all topics but i tried to search it and the search didn't find such a topic. I'm pretty sure, this is already discussed and i don't trust this search, so i write this topic.

I just wanted to let report that there are 2 Bugs in the game i Experienced:

1. I played and enemy set a tie breaker to get 20, so he should win anyway, but i then reached 20 and it was annouced a tie. This is a bug, in real Pazaak a Tie Breaker should have let him win.

2. I reached all Cards on the field and still lost. Normally in Kotor when u reach all 9 Cards on the field you automatically win, so that there is a Tactic to use just minus Cards or Cards that turns around the value of cards on the field just to reach the number of 9 Cards laying on the field. Maybe you should fix that.

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2012-12-08, 17:49
1. 1T wins when it was played as last card in set. (I played KotOR2 long time ago, but i think there is that same)

2. It's very rare bug. I had it once.
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2012-12-08, 18:01
Hubert is right: Cite from the manual: "If a set is tied, the player will win, in case he plays the card as last. Otherwise it acts like a ±1 card." This behavior is like in Kotor II.

The other one is a bug. You should win when filling all card slots, no matter what the opponent did before (except if the opponent has already won, of couse).
In which situation did this error occur? Singleplayer, multiplayer or campaign? Do you remember details, like how many sets each player had won or how many/which cards you and your opponent had played? A screenshot would be best..
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