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2012-04-25, 00:31
Hey all,

So today I decided to get on and play a few, but unfortunately, it didn't seem to be working for me as it did yesterday.

Here's a link to the screen with the error:

Any help is greatly appreciated!


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2012-04-25, 22:47
1. Clear cookies,
2. Try another browser,
3. Download Pazaak Cantina v2.1.5,
4. Wait for DarthRevan.
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2012-04-27, 12:21
This may be caused by an old, cached version of Pazaak Cantina Online, like Hubert said.
Also, try emptying your browser's cache.

Does this solve your problem?
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Joined: Oct 10
2012-04-29, 00:11
Yep! Cleared my cache and it works now

Thank you :)