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2012-04-05, 00:52
is Bioware going to make in-game places for playing pazaak?

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2012-04-05, 11:55
Nobody knows at the moment..
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2012-04-05, 21:50
ok thank you

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2012-11-23, 00:20
That would be really cool.

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2012-11-24, 13:22
They really need to, would be great to walk into a cantina and see people crowded around a table playing Pazaak. Of course they'll have to set up a wager system as well.

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2012-12-19, 09:59
It would be great to have a proffesional program. I guess is not so heavy as a videogame nowadays and sure it'll have lot's of players among Star Wars fans.
If they had servers 24H and a really good publicity campaign... sure they'll rock.

Anyway, this Pazaak Cantina rocks! Just should need to be enhanced.
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2013-10-10, 23:54
I completely agree with Lebor_Corbalis. Their are some others over on the SWTOR forums thinking about the same point- - By the way, it gets really dug down. Gambling with kids and stuff like that.