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2011-12-01, 08:49
I was wondering if you would be interested in making another much-needed community resource: online multiplayer sabacc. Now that sabacc has canonically been established as existing in the time period of Star Wars: The Old Republic (and it doesn't exist in-game), there will likely be a call for the card game to be created elsewhere.

Nobody seems to have asked the question yet, so I figured I'd make a post.

For more information on the rules of sabacc:

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2011-12-01, 17:42
Thanks for the detailed informatin about sabacc!
Especially the flow chart is interesting.

But I am very busy with Pazaak at the moment, so if there will be ever a sabacc game, it will take some time..
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2012-01-24, 15:02
If you're interested in trying out an online 'sabacc' game, we have one set up on our site. It's not quite as robust as what's been done wiht the Pazaak project here (no multi-player) but we do have our own Leader's Board!
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2012-01-24, 15:06
Okay - my last post got mangled. What It was supposed to say was - if you're interested in trying our an online Sabacc game, we have one on our website (see link below). There's no multi-player function yet, but there is a Leader's Board! Feel free to come over and try it out!

Sabacc Rules:
Sabacc Game:
Leader's Board:
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