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2011-10-31, 06:02
I've been thinking about using the stand-alone multiplayer for a while, but whilst v2.0.0.8 is still in development I had a creative idea that has worked perfectly for me and has made me made a Pazaak Tournament.

Simply, do the following

1.) Download Hamachi:
2.) Install Hamachi
3.) Run Hamachi
4.) Pick a name (preferably something linked to your IC name)
5.) Create your own Network, or join an existing network if your friend/someone else has made a network
6.) Type in the credentials
7.) Enjoy!
8.) To Play, one player has to host. To Host, simply go into the client, and click 'multiplayer'. The Network IP will automatically be selectable, and this will allow you to play on the network with the other user
9.) To join, the Joining Player has to enter the 'IP' address of his opponent: this exists after his name on the Hamachi interface (eg. Bob -
10.) The game will start, and will require both players to pick their cards. Once the cards are chosen, the game will start

Its really alot of fun, and because of Hamachi one can play it locally, on the internet :D Only thing I would like to know is how I could link this in with the server; I see in options there is a 4 digit ID I can use, perhaps I could use that to link? If not its cool.

Anyway here is a great way to play multiplayer with your friends on the standalone, or make a tournament!! I prefer this personally because we don't have to flood the online lobby and can enjoy a stable server.

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2011-11-04, 16:28
Very good description how to set up multiplayer games over Hamachi!
Thank you!
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2011-11-05, 09:25
You're welcome :D I hope university is going well for you, I have exams as well ^_^

This works really well and provides alot of fun, I'm currently running a tournament with it. However the only problem is that it is unfortunately only for Windows PC's because Apply Mac's can't run the standalone's.