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2011-08-08, 09:26
Hey just wanted to let you know that two sites I own would be using this. This is truly the best one I have seen and used so far, the best part is the browser version. I never seen that anywhere, didn't want to install anything new. Anyways I was looking at this, and other pazaak sites and thought this was the best honestly.

If you have a problem with us using it, let me know.

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2011-08-08, 09:27
Sorry for the double post, can't edit.

Was Pazaak around past the Old Republic era? Just wondering, because one site is Old Republic Era... And the other one is well past Legacy Era.

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2011-08-13, 16:14
As far as I know, it has officially only been mentioned in Knights of the Old Republic I & II as well as in the Knights of the Old Republic comic strips and novels. In the later books/movies/games only Sabacc is mentioned.
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