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2011-06-03, 19:22
A lot of people play Pazaak on their computers, either it be in-game (Kotor I & II) or via Pazaak cantina or apps on their phones. But imagine sitting at a table, with friends and/or family. Holding the cards in your hands. and crushing them with that +2 card you've been holding out on for the entire match. Scraping in your hard earned money. And not just with a normal looking deck of cards where you just removed the jack, queen and king. Or gave them other rules (For example: King = D - Or jack: Tiebraker). No no, imagine that you are holding a real Pazaak deck. One that looks just like the one in the game. Only this is for real!

That is what this petition is trying to do. So if you would please sign this here. I doesn't matter if you couldn't care less or not. It would be great of you to sign it, so that the ones who do care could get your support! And get their hands on a real deck!

Oh, and also make note of how the petition nr. Spells Star Wars (574rw4r5) :)