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2011-01-02, 20:14
English / Ingles (Secondary Language):

Welcome to our thread of the Spanish translation in Pazaak Cantina.

We Spanish speakers welcome!!.

I'm from Venezuela.


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Here you are placed Spanish speaking this thread, you can place in English.

Spanish / Español (My native language):

Bienvenidos a nuestro thread de la Traducción al español en Pazaak Cantina. Bienvenidos hispanoshablantes.

Soy de Venezuela.


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Aquí podrás, se colocan se habla español esta thread, también puedes colocar en ingles.
Cesar Marcano
Spanish Translator for Pazaak Game Cantina v2.0

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2011-01-15, 21:56
eso quiere decir que estas traduciendo el juego? O solo tomando creditos por ser el primero en ofrecerse?

en cualquier caso, me ofrezco a traducir el juego


that means you are translating the game, or just taking credit for being the first to offer to do such a thing?

in any case, i offer myself to translate this game

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2012-10-24, 14:42
Hello there, I am Spanish.

I've seen the game is already translated into English but the Game Manual ... Well, I must admit is entirely auto-translated by an online translator (such as google) and the gramma is horrible; some prhases are completly unillegible.

I've just started yesterday with this Pazaak stuff, but I'm really enjoying it!
If I have enough free time, aybe I can offer myself as a volunteer for a good Spanish translation (and galician or portuges as well).
Garra de Acero -GdA - Spanish RPG Community & Guild

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2012-10-24, 16:04
I'd also like to offer myself to translate to Spanish (Spain) and Italian.

Contact me anytime!

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2012-10-24, 17:58
Sure Onirae! I'll contact you when needed. Firstly we must talk with the author of the game (I guess...).

Sorry for my last post, I wanted to say "already translated into Spanish", not English, hehe... Sorry.

This prhase ---.-"I've seen the game is already translated into English but the Game Manual ".
Garra de Acero -GdA - Spanish RPG Community & Guild

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2012-10-24, 18:06
Thanks to both of you for offering your help!
Lebor_Corbalis, it would be great if you could correct the spanish game manual.
@Onirae: The game has partly been translated to italian, but the translation has never been finished. I would appreciate your help. You can download the translation file in this thread.
Developer of Pazaak Cantina.
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2012-10-24, 18:11
I'll be working on it these weeks. Actually I've lot of work to do but in my free time I'll be doing some advance.
Most probably I'll be writting it from zero most of the text, is better for a good translation instead of fixing the old one.
Garra de Acero -GdA - Spanish RPG Community & Guild

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2012-10-24, 18:16
Totally agree...

It's best to start from scratch.

Will ask some colleagues here at my workplace in case they also want to help.

Can we get the link to the source spanish text to enhance the current translation?

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2012-10-24, 18:32
Apparently the Game Spanish version is fine, the Manual is what must be improved completely.
Garra de Acero -GdA - Spanish RPG Community & Guild