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2010-12-06, 04:03
i have made some pazaak cards that are ready for printing after searching the net and not finding any cards that look like the ones from the game i decided to make some.


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2010-12-08, 19:40
Hmm... Groovy!
Printed pazaak cards! Great gift for christmas! X]
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2010-12-08, 21:50
Thanks for sharing ;)
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2011-03-01, 20:59
Wow! These are amazing! Thanks
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2012-06-09, 02:20
In the past my brother and me had handmade Pazaak-Cards. It took us a few hours to draw and color cards which don't look so bad, so this is a very good idea : ) We still have our cards and even if they don't look totally like the original Pazaak-Cards I think they're very cool ; )
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2014-09-17, 04:22
Cool I'm getting these

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2014-12-13, 20:39
These are great! I tried to use them on custom playing card design sites though, and they'd get cut off or end up outside the "safe zone". What I had to eventually do was expand the canvases by 144 pixels and extend the designs outward that far. I also redid the ± cards and the backs for both main and side decks. I was able to create a mini side deck and have it shipped for just over $7. The images are here:

I gave you credit for the original work, nikon20, though there seems to be a problem. Another user on the Knights of the Old Republic forum (LucasForums) named JCarter426 has brought up that your designs look an awful lot like his. The + and - cards, and some of the special side deck cards like 3 & 6, are exact matches. You may want to talk to him and work that out!

Here are JCarter426's images:

Here's the forum post:

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2014-12-13, 20:43
Oops we can't edit and that link didn't work right, let's try again: