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2010-07-10, 13:17
I have a suggestion for pazaak
put in the game a 3D interface when wi can walk in a cantina and to choose a rival and also w can travel from one to another cantina

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2010-07-12, 12:11
Geez, it's gonna be a mass of stuff to do...

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2010-07-13, 15:23
for a good game pazaak must make effort
hi and maybe can make a game for the race and raise borer kotor game for Arena mode kotor

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2010-07-15, 13:11
Well, it's an enormous effort to add a 3D menu. I thought of that too, but it's really not possible..
The swoop racing idea has already been discussed here.
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2010-07-15, 15:48
and will you do it
ahh can you make a game for a battel arena in kotor I

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2010-07-22, 00:00
That would be cool but near impossible. It took a team of professionals to do it from Bioware! I would settle for a small 2-D thing though.
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2010-07-30, 00:29
but make normal game it is getting repetitive and not well
I offer original new character a new interface