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Joined: Nov 13
2016-08-05, 14:10
Your RNG is broken beyond belief. It's clearly taking other factors into account. Only a cheat would accept it.

Joined: Nov 09
2016-09-12, 09:02
I assume you mean Random Number Generator with RNG?
If so, Pazaak Cantina uses the Java built in RNG java.util.Random, properly seeded. The implementation depends on your Java Runtime Environment (JRE).
If you're struggling with the AI, also see this thread.
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Joined: Nov 13
2016-11-09, 16:20
I don't give a fuck what you are claiming.

Your server blatantly picks which player is going to win the game and issues bullshit cards to the pre-determined loser.

I've had far, far too many horseshit cards.

Take this game down, or fix it. Or admit you're a fraud.

Joined: Dec 16
2016-12-16, 11:13
what is the cheat