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2015-08-28, 13:47
Please share with me your ideas or your imaginary sequels for our most beloved game.

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2015-08-28, 21:45
this isn't really an idea, but I would've loved to play against more dark-jedi/darklords and against other strong opponents like that emperor guy, while being on a high level like 20, new campanions like the dark sith "Scourge".. explore new planets in the outer rim as Revan's character, and play the game as Revan gains more of his memories (maybe).. but I would prefer if the game isnt canon where Revan ended up in stasis mode for the next 200 years and then killed by some random jedi knights i never heard of, talk about dirtying Revan's honor ._.
if Revan met his end(in kotor 3), i would prefer his honor was still intact..

idunno, im not sure what big plot could've made kotor 3 epic, would be nice to see; did u think of anything?
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