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2015-08-21, 11:39
So on playing people over several days, using sets of 12, I have to come to the conclusion that you'd have to be retarded to think this game is remotely fair. It's so bent that I wouldn't willingly play my worst enemy at it.

So many times I have had a natural 20 when on 19. That shouldn't happen more than 1 time in 10. So many times have I had the right sidedeck card, again against incredible odds. I feel fraudulent in claiming these as wins, and my losses are equally shady.

Is DarthRevan going to continue his blind, factless denial that it's broken?

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2015-08-28, 13:44
Yeah...that's why i play only in multyplayer .

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2015-09-02, 20:39
As the developer of Pazaak Cantina I can assure you that the AI doesn't have the ability to cheat.
Also see this post.
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