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2010-05-10, 06:56
I was thinking about pazaak and I looked it up and this came up. Thank you creator!

I do have a suggestion though, maybe a swoop racing one?
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2010-05-10, 07:51
Thank you ;)
Well, I started a swoop racing game years ago. I even developed a basic 3d engine for that game. But I needed that much time, that I decided to abort the project. Perhaps I will start over some day..
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2010-05-11, 05:36
Yes, I wish you luck.
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2010-07-22, 00:00
This would be sooooo cool! I think I would play it more than Pazaak.
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2012-10-24, 14:44
This topic is really old but, maybe we can use a MOD for that old Star Wars Swoop Racing game from 1999-2000, more o less (Episode I), to play it online. The graphics are still not so bad for the technology of ours days.
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