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Joined: Apr 15
2015-05-02, 14:50
I encountered an unknown problem when i was playing with Deatox, and i was needed to forfeit the game.Can you fix the problem .?P.S.-The match took place in5/2/2015 at aprox. 3:30

Joined: Apr 15
2015-05-03, 01:09
I also encountered a similar problem when i was playing with ivlin some time later.

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2015-05-06, 06:16
Which version of Pazaak Cantina did you use? Online or Client?
Can you describe the problem in detail?
Developer of Pazaak Cantina.
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Joined: Apr 15
2015-05-07, 17:13
It was actually my fault.I sent 3 game requests, and when the game started i got 3 cards and the opponent 1 card on table,after that the game blocked.Sorry for disturbing.