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Joined: Oct 14
2014-10-16, 14:10
Fix your client! It's stuck me into obscene losing streaks where I magically get 10s on 11 every time.

It's not balanced, otherwise I'd have a winning streak occasionally. Luck is what bad coders say.

(This is a second account, btw. Not revealing actual name in interests of sanity.)

Joined: Nov 09
2014-10-16, 15:35
Pazaak Cantina is based on random generators and is therefore fair.
The AI is not able to cheat in any way.
Developer of Pazaak Cantina.
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Joined: Nov 13
2014-10-16, 21:33
Random generators which give 4 natural 20s in a row?

Random generators which give some players 4 good chances to use their side deck?

Sorry. I don't believe it for a second.

Joined: Apr 15
2015-04-29, 20:45
The AI is not cheating,it's using the force.