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Joined: Aug 13
2014-10-01, 16:22
Cant seem to login. Is anyone else having the same problem?

Thanks :)

Joined: Apr 14
2014-10-01, 17:05
Yea, I experienced the same. Hope it would work again soon.
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Joined: May 14
2014-10-02, 16:45
Yup. Won't work in browser or stand alone app. I get different error messages depending on how I try to access the game.

Hope it's sorted soon. We gain points for playing this game in the RS (Rebel Squadrons). (If you're interested).

Joined: Nov 09
2014-10-06, 01:17
Should be working again.
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Joined: May 14
2014-10-06, 04:13
Yes I can confirm it's now working again.

Thanks for letting us know DarthRevan.